Hi, I’m Danielle !

A Jesus loving, life giving, sister-friend, type of girl inspiring others to live their best life and learning to enjoy it myself – In every season.

People are one of my biggest passions, and quality time is my love language. So it’s no surprise that naturally, I love to bring joy or encouragement into someone else’s life!

I’m adopted from Haiti, am the second oldest out of five siblings who were also adopted from various places, have lived and grown up in Canada, and have been in a long distance relationship with an incredible man for almost three years.

Along with dreaming big, I have a love for fashion, coffee shops, the small things in life, animals, embracing body positivity after years of competitive Figure skating and fitness, getting outside for a good adventure, photography which has always been my creative getaway, writing, kids ministry, I’m a sucker for sweet treats, Sponge bob Squarepants, and a good cup of tea! I love making others smile and feel good, and I’m not afraid to laugh at myself either !

Appreciating and living this beautiful life as authentic as I can, striving for the new, collecting big, and small moments to take to heart along the way.

& I  would love for you to tag along!


Have a question? Wanna chat? Is there something you’d like for me to talk more about on here even?

Contact me at: danielleflukinger@gmail.com